Class of '09: Julian Edelman, Sebastian Vollmer rate highly in Mel Kiper Jr. re-draft

It's the NFL draft season, which means various analysts produce their "re-drafts" from the past, looking back on a draft and considering how it would unfold today based on the players' performance.

As part of an ESPN.com Insider pieceInsider, Mel Kiper goes through the exercise for 2009, and the New England Patriots land two players in the top 10: Receiver Julian Edelman (pictured) and offensive tackle Sebastian Vollmer.

Kiper passes along one conversation he had with an NFL general manager who called Edelman, "the toughest cover in the NFL right now."

Neat stuff, especially when considering Edelman was a quarterback at Kent State and the Patriots switched him to receiver after selecting him in the seventh round (232nd overall). Furthermore, it wasn't as if he lit it up right away, as he battled some injuries early in his career and any team could have signed him after the 2012 season for not much more than a minimum contract.

He stuck with the Patriots, had a super 2013 season, and parlayed that into a richer longer-term deal.