Patriots OT Cameron Fleming checks in from Stanford pro day

Second-year New England Patriots offensive tackle Cameron Fleming was present at Stanford University's pro day Thursday, helping highly touted offensive tackle Andrus Peat in drills, and he was interviewed as part of coverage on ESPN3 (around 1:54 mark).

His favorite part of the Super Bowl experience?

"I thought the parade was the most fun," the Cardinal alum said. "Celebrating with all the fans, I think that's when it really sunk in that we won the Super Bowl."

Fleming's role as a sixth offensive lineman was a big part of the Patriots' success in the second half of the year.

On ESPN3, the 2014 fourth-round draft pick explained how a big part of what he did in 2014 was learn the overall function of the Patriots' offense, gaining a better understanding of all positions. He said that helped him when asked to play different positions -- right guard, right tackle, and power tight end -- in terms of having a head start.

"You only have seven o-linemen active [on game day], if one goes down or two goes down, then you're in there and you definitely need to be able to play more than one position," Fleming said at pro day. "I don't think there's anybody on any team in the NFL that can just play one position, even the superstars at left tackle."

For Fleming, coming from Stanford was viewed as a positive to help him make the jump.

"I never think the transition from college to the NFL is a smooth transition, but I think coming here and playing in the style of offense I did here made it a little bit easier for me to learn the plays and get the terminology down."