More on NFL, Patriots and Jets tampering

Where do things stand with the NFL's investigation on the tampering charge against the Jets as it relates to Darrelle Revis?

Let's piece a few things together:

On March 13, Jason Cole of Bleacher Report reported that the "NFL went so far as to have investigators go into the offices of several teams, including and most notably the New York Jets, to specifically look at whether the Jets had prior contact with cornerback Darrelle Revis and his representatives."

On March 20, the New York Daily News reported the same thing, but with a little more of an edge in a column-style format in which Manish Mehta takes his shots at the Patriots and their fans. Mehta confidently writes, "[Owner Woody] Johnson’s comments three months ago in response to a direct question about the perennial Pro Bowler violated the NFL Anti-Tampering policy as written, but the owner’s words had nothing to do with Revis’ ultimate decision to part ways with the Super Bowl champions."

That will be the NFL's call, of course, not Mehta's.

As Mehta writes, along with Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio, Johnson's public words were the clear definition of tampering. There seems to be little investigation needed to make that determination.

Thus, any investigation would only seem to be necessary to determine the severity of punishment.