Roger Goodell comments on NFL's investigation on underinflated footballs

Peter King of TheMMQB.com interviewed NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in his weekly "Monday Morning Quarterback" piece, and asked about the status of the league's investigation into underinflated footballs.

Here is the part of King's longer Q&A that touches on underinflated footballs:

King: How much thought did you give that you needed to get it resolved so it’s not hanging over the league? It seems like it’s been hanging over the league for two months. Was there any thought in your mind to try to get it resolved that week so that it didn’t mar anything associated with the Super Bowl?

Goodell: No. I think the most important thing is to get the right information, to get the facts, and to get the truth. And not to make any judgments until you get that. We have been very careful on that. We followed the facts. We took the information. We determined that we should bring Ted Wells to further the investigation. We haven’t given him a timetable except to be thorough, be fair, and get to the truth. When he’s completed his report, that will be made public as well as to all of us.

King: Any indication when that will be?

Goodell: I haven’t spoken to him for several weeks. I think he’s getting near the end, but there’s no requirement when. …

King: Is two months to investigate that too long?

Goodell: Again, I think that if you’re going to be thorough, it takes time. You’re having to meet with a lot of people. I guess it’s always too long, because you want to get to that issue and deal with it. It’s important not to exert any pressure to short-circuit or do anything other than be fair and transparent.

King: Can you say that the first time that you heard about this was after the game?

Goodell: Yes.

King: You know that there’s a storyline out there that you knew about the deflating and wanted to catch them in the act.

Goodell: Let’s just short circuit this a little bit. I’m not going to get into what we knew and when we knew it because that’s part of what he’s investigating. … I can tell you that I was not personally aware of it until after the game.