Special offseason for Patriots special-teams captain Matthew Slater

New England Patriots special teams captain Matthew Slater was a guest on sports radio WEEI’s “Dale and Holley Show” on Friday, and he touched on what has made this a special offseason for him.

“I celebrated in a little bit of a different way than most of the guys. I ended up getting married the Saturday after the Super Bowl,” he said on the program. “For me, that was a huge day in my life, and my wife’s life. So we really got to celebrate for an extended period of time, not only the Super Bowl win, but our marriage. It was a great couple weeks; we got to spend a lot of time with friends and family and really just reflect on the last six or seven months, and really the last seven years of my career, being able to get to this point and this game and win it, it’s really a special thing.”

Slater and his wife envisioned that type of scenario when they started planning the wedding.

“When we first set that date, we said, ‘Wouldn’t that be awesome if we got a chance to win the Super Bowl and the weekend after that get married?’ I don’t know if either one of us thought that would happen, but it was great,” he said.

Two other sound bites from Slater:

What Tom Brady was yelling about near the end of the Super Bowl.Shane [Vereen] and I had never been down that road before, so we were obviously excited about what was taking place [after Malcolm Butler ’s interception]. And Tom being the competitor that he is, always being focused, always being on top of his game, he said, ‘You know, let’s just make sure we take care of our business and make sure the clock winds down all the way.’ That’s the kind of leader he is. That’s the way he holds guys accountable. He had to bring us back to reality there for about 10 seconds and make sure we took a knee and got out of there with the clock saying 0:00.”

Gearing up to pay the price as Super Bowl champs. “I don’t think we’re going to have a choice. Coach Belichick, his leadership is so strong in this locker room and he’s going to leave us no choice. So if we’re not ready to pay that price, I suggest none of us step in that locker room. Right from Day 1, I’m sure he’s going to be very demanding of us. We know that we’re going to have to work twice as hard now in order for us to be successful because we have a bull's-eye on our back. The work we put in last year is probably going to pale in comparison to what we have to put in this year, but I think guys will be ready for the challenge.”