Financial check on Patriots relative to rest of NFL

Leading off the day with a financial check on the New England Patriots, comparing the numbers to the rest of the NFL (based on ESPN's salary database):

Cash spending: $137,893,830

NFL context: 17th highest

High and low: The Jets are No. 1 at $163.3 million, while the Dolphins are No. 2 at $161 million. The Lions are No. 32 at $105 million

Salary-cap space: $11.4 million

NFL context: 12th highest

High and low: The Jaguars have the most cap space at $35.9 million. The Saints have the least amount of space at $699,210.

Dead money on salary cap: $13.8 million

NFL context: 9th highest

High and low: The Dolphins have the highest dead-money charge at $25.3 million, followed by the Saints at $22.6 million and Buccaneers at $21.1 million. The Bengals, at $798,248, have the lowest dead-money charge.