If Rob Gronkowski is unhappy with his contract, Robert Kraft doesn't know it

Patriots owner Robert Kraft on tight end Rob Gronkowski: "I think he's quite happy to be here and we love having him." AP Photo/Charles Krupa

BOCA RATON, Fla. -- When New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski tweeted March 7 about accepting a "pay cut" with the team picking up his contract option, it sparked questions as to whether he was serious, joking or somewhere in between.

If he's actually unhappy about his contract, that's news to owner Robert Kraft.

"Every time I see him, he is smiling, he hugs me, he almost lifts me up. I think he’s quite happy to be here and we love having him," Kraft said Monday at the NFL's owners meetings. "We got him a partner in Martellus Bennett, and we think they should be a fun combo for our fans to watch this year. I know Tom Brady is very happy with that addition."

Asked what he would say to fans or perhaps Gronkowski who might think the All-Pro tight end is underpaid, Kraft said, "I’m waiting for one of these same people to come and say, 'We’re overpaid; please take that money and give it to some of my other friends who play on the team.'

"We’re doing the best we can, and when you’re privileged to be successful, it’s funny, everybody believes that their contribution is maybe sometimes greater than it is. I was talking with one of the senior folks with the Broncos, and they have an interesting situation going on there now where everybody is coming and wants their fair share. So we understand."