Rob Gronkowski posts Instagram video detailing his offseason

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski officially joined Instagram on Tuesday (find him @Gronk) and in doing so posted a 60-second video detailing some of his offseason activities. Yes, there's a clip of him on the "Gronk Party Cruise." In addition, it's clear that Gronkowski has been working out on a regular basis.

Joining Instagram is the latest decision made by Gronkowski with a business-based mindset. Gronkowski, according to a spokesman, is the first athlete to utilize Instagram’s new 60-second video option (introduced Tuesday for verified accounts) and the multi-clip editing feature on iOS (launching Tuesday).

Gronkowski previously said that he lives off his endorsements, and hasn't spent any money from his NFL contract.

He's added another one, Instagram, which figures to be a page that is bookmarked by many Patriots followers.