Tom Brady reflects on being drafted by Expos in Facebook post

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is known in football circles as the sixth-round pick, 199th overall, who overcame the odds on his way to superstar status. But today marks the 21-year anniversary of the day he was an 18th-round pick of the Montreal Expos.

Brady had some fun with the anniversary in a Facebook post.

Brady was a catcher in baseball.

"He could throw. He could receive well. He was a left-handed hitter who had some pull power," former Expos scout John Hughes said of Brady, via MLB.com. "I think he would have been a pro. He had all the intangibles. ... There is no reason to think this guy couldn't have been a big league catcher."

But at the time, Brady pretty much let it be known he was going to Michigan to play football.