Young camper says 'Go Patriots!' at Steve Smith's football camp

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith was holding a football camp for military kids on Wednesday when he broke the huddle with a "Go Ravens!" chant. At that point, a young camper broke ranks by looking at Smith and saying, "Go Patriots!"

The Ravens, with a sense of humor, tweeted the video.

Smith, showing a fine use of emojis, later joked on Twitter that he had to "catch himself."

The exchange landed in Patriots receiver Julian Edelman's Twitter inbox, and he had a good laugh.

Edelman has spoken of his great respect for Smith in the past. In January of 2015, he said, "I’m a huge fan of Steve Smith. I love his game. I love his mentality. I’ve looked up to a guy like him ever since I was a little kid. I’ve got nothing but respect for him."