LB Kyle Van Noy was 'shocked' by trade from Lions to Patriots

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- As a large crowd of reporters gathered around newly acquired linebacker Kyle Van Noy's locker on Thursday, it provided him an up-close look at the intensity and depth with which the New England Patriots are covered by the local media.

Seeing that type of media crowd (maybe 30 reporters between camera operators and reporters) was a bit different from what he experienced with the Detroit Lions the last two-plus years, but before the brief Q&A session got underway, he let those in front of him know that this wasn't really his thing.

"I'll probably be as quiet as I was with them," Van Noy said.

He'll also go out of his way to fit in, which was evident when at one point he turned to a team official and asked if he could answer a question on whether he visited the Patriots before the 2014 draft. He ultimately didn't answer it, but previously said he had "a lot" of contact with the team before the draft (the Lions took him in the second round).

"I won't go further because I'm here now and that's all that matters," he said.

Van Noy, who is donning No. 53 and went through his second practice with the Patriots on Thursday, sounded like a player who is still adjusting to an unexpected turn of events.

“You go from starting there to traded. I was shocked," he acknowledged. "I respect everybody with the Detroit Lions. They’ll all be my guys there. I’m just grateful for the opportunity to come here and get it going.”

How the Patriots get it going with Van Noy bears watching, as he has flexibility to play both on and off the line of scrimmage and has some pass-rush skills to potentially tap. In Detroit, he was used as a 4-3 strongside linebacker and seldom, if ever, rushed the passer.

Van Noy said the lack of pass-rush opportunities surprised him, as overall "they didn’t know where to put me."

The Lions had asked Van Noy to lose 15 pounds leading into the 2016 season, dropping him to 243 pounds.

"They told me to and I do what I’m asked. I did it. But I’m here now," he said. "Whatever they have me and want my weight to be at, and whatever they ask me to do, I’m going to do it because I want to win and be part of this team. ... They want me here, and I'm happy to be wanted."