How to make Bill Belichick smile, in four easy steps

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick have been together for 18 years.

So, it should come as no surprise that Brady knows a thing or two about his coach's likes and dislikes.

Brady was asked during opening night festivities at Super Bowl XLII on Monday for four things that would make Belichick smile.

Brady reeled off this list:

Navy: Belichick's father, Steve, served in the Navy during World War II. In 1956, he joined the coaching staff at the Naval Academy as an assistant. Steve Belichick was known for advance scouting and was part of 17 Navy wins over Army. He also coached two Heisman Trophy winners (Joe Bellino and Roger Staubach).

Lacrosse: Bill Belichick's favorite sport is lacrosse. He played football, lacrosse and squash at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, and was captain of the lacrosse team his senior season. Belichick's daughter, Amanda, coaches lacrosse at Holy Cross College in Massachusetts.

Bon Jovi: Belichick is close friends with the band's lead singer, Jon Bon Jovi. In 1995, Belichick and his ex-wife, Debby, toured with Bon Jovi through Europe. Bon Jovi dedicated the song "Bounce" to Belichick.

Lawrence Taylor: Belichick coached Taylor when he was with the New York Giants and often holds him up to current players as the standard by which they will be measured. Belichick once called Taylor, "the best defensive player I’ve ever coached, by a good margin."

Brady's answers were relayed to his coach, who early in his career was nicknamed "Doom" because of his serious demeanor.

Belichick heard the list -- and he smiled.