First Take: Welker or Brady to blame?

Wes Welker took full blame for his fourth-quarter drop that turned out to be a key play in the Patriots' Super Bowl loss. But should Tom Brady be the one taking the heat?

On ESPN's First Take, Kordell Stewart, Rob Parker and Skip Bayless weigh in, with Bayless and Parker adamant that the Patriots' superstar QB was at fault.

"I appreciate Wes Welker taking 100 percent of the blame, that was a classy postgame move, but first and foremost I blame Tom Brady," Bayless says. "I have often referred to Tom Brady as the second-most accurate passer all-time to Joe Montana. So by those very high standards I am going to judge Tom Brady on this play. On the play of the game for the New England Patriots, the one that ices the game, Tom Brady made a poor throw to a wide open Wes Welker."

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