Tito deflects A-Gon shoulder questions

BOSTON -- Red Sox manager Terry Francona had little interest Sunday in discussing whether Adrian Gonzalez is experiencing weakness in his surgically repaired right shoulder, a topic raised by Fox baseball analyst Ken Rosenthal during Saturday’s nationally televised game.


"I don't feel the need to announce every single bump and bruise and inadequacy that we have," Francona said. "That's not going to help us win at all."

What that indicates, of course, is that Gonzalez has had issues, but Francona doesn’t plan to talk about it. As we reported Saturday, after the All-Star break Gonzalez was experiencing weakness in the shoulder because of his inability to do his normal strengthening exercises in the aftermath of surgery. According to multiple baseball sources, Gonzalez had a cortisone injection at the time, which offered some relief, but has had a recurrence of inflammation in his rotator cuff that may require an additional injection. Gonzalez refuses to discuss the matter.

Other injury news, Francona said he has no way of forecasting when third baseman Kevin Youkilis will resume playing.

"He needs some time down," Francona said. "Whether it's days or a week, we don't know. As he starts to feel good enough, we'll try to ramp him up and see how he does. That's about the best I can give you."