Schilling: 'Don't know that it's there'

On Tuesday night's "Baseball Tonight," Curt Schilling didn't back away from his comments that he didn't think the Red Sox had the horses to make it to the postseason, or if they do get there, to win. But he did say he hopes he's wrong.

"I'm rooting for them. I want them to win. I just don't know that it's there," he says in the video above.

Schilling says the problem comes down to starting pitching, an issue he said has reached the epidemic level.

"They're going through a historic month from a starting pitching perspective," he said.

Schilling said the pressure is on Josh Beckett, Wednesday night's starter, to go deep into the game -- or else.

"Josh Beckett has to will himself to be in the game into the eighth or ninth inning, no matter what the score is. If they score one, he can give up none. It takes a pitcher getting that mentality and going out and executing on that to get this thing ended."

That kind of performance is what the Red Sox have sorely needed over the last few weeks, Schilling said.

"Your ace, your postseason horse gets to the ninth inning of a dominant start -- and they haven't had that in a month."