Lester: Beer in dugout 'completely false'

Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester strongly denies a report by a Boston TV station WHDH that he and fellow pitchers Josh Beckett and John Lackey drank beer in the Red Sox dugout during games this season.

Lester said the report was “completely false” through team publicist Pam Ganley in response to a request for comment.

The WHDH report cited sources who said that the trio would leave the dugout around the sixth inning, walk back to the clubhouse and fill cups with Bud Light. They would then return to the dugout and watch the game while drinking beer. One Red Sox employee told the station that the pitchers were "bored on nights they weren't pitching and this is how they entertained themselves."

According to the report, another Red Sox employee said: "Beckett would come down the stairs from the dugout, walking through the corridor to the clubhouse and say 'it's about that time'. Beckett was the instigator but Lester and Lackey were right behind him.

"It was blatant and hard not to notice what was going on with all three guys leaving at once."

A Red Sox employee who was contacted by ESPNBoston.com on Tuesday evening to react to the latest story said he had heard complaints about players drinking in the dugout during the 2010 season but did not personally witness it either that season or in 2011. He added, however, that it would not come as a surprise to him if it were true.

Another Red Sox staffer who was in the dugout during every game said he never saw Beckett, Lackey or Lester drinking in the dugout, nor had he heard anything about that happening.

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