Kurkjian: 'Things will never be the same'

ESPN The Magazine's Tim Kurkjian traces soon-to-be-named Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine's managerial career and shares his thoughts on why his Baseball Tonight colleague just might be the cure to what ails the Sox.

"It takes a special person to manage in Boston, especially now, after the tumultuous last few months," Kurkjian esplains in the video above. "Experience is crucial, as is charisma, leadership, salesmanship, a way with the media and a thick skin. Bobby Valentine, the new manager of the Red Sox, has all of that. ...

"It is the perfect time for him. The Red Sox have tremendous talent and nearly unlimited funds, but they need someone to change the culture in the clubhouse that apparently has had too much beer and fried chicken. And the Red Sox need a good will hunter to placate a fan base that is as angry as it is adoring. Wherever Valentine goes, change -- usually for the good -- follows. There is no better salesman. There is no one in the game that has more energy."