Source: Theo can't hire from Sox for 3 years

BOSTON -- By now, it appears clear that the Red Sox won't be making a killing in any compensation deal for Theo Epstein. The issue has essentially been treated as an afterthought, with Bud Selig evidently deciding that the clubs had more pressing matters--hiring managers, building staffs, roster moves--which is why he backed off his earlier pledge to step in and resolve the issue.

At this stage, it would come as a surprise if the Sox receive more than a run-of-the-mill prospect or two from the Chicago Cubs for Epstein, although the sides have reached agreement on one issue, according to a major league source. Epstein, who this week hired an area scout from the Red Sox, Matt Dorey, and promoted him to national cross-checker, will be prohibited from adding anyone else from the Red Sox for a period of three years.

The Sox also lost one of their better talent evaluators, Danny Haas, to the Orioles, who hired him as a national cross-checker. That came as a bit of a jolt to the Sox, especially given the timing. This is a little late on the baseball calendar to be losing one of your best guys. One of Orioles GM Dan Duquette's most valued evaluators when he was with the Red Sox was Eddie Haas, Danny's father. The Red Sox drafted Danny Haas as a player in 1997, when Duquette was GM.