Valentine: We've selected a pitching coach

Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine said on Wednesday that he has decided on a new pitching coach and that the hiring will be announced as soon as a contract is signed.

"Basically I've exhausted all friendships, relationships, lists that I've seen of many, many ex-pitchers and pitching coaches that are out there," Valentine said on sports radio WEEI on Wednesday.

He said he and his Red Sox colleagues have "gone through the names, have gone through the interviews and I think that we've come to one mind of who that guy is going to be. It should be announced as soon as [Red Sox GM] Ben [Cherington] gets the contract signed."

Valentine declined to name his choice over the air, but said the news would be made public shortly.

"I think that it's paramount that this group of outstanding pitchers has as good a guy directing them and working with them on a daily basis as possible," he said.