Is there discord in the Red Sox clubhouse?

For the second time in as many days, ESPN The Magazine's Buster Olney painted the Red Sox as a team with lingering clubhouse discord from last September's collapse and the reports of pitchers drinking beer and eating fried chicken that followed.

Olney suggests that some Sox players still resent the source or sources that leaked the information for the Boston Globe's report, which shined a spotlight on the team's clubhouse dysfunction.

"There are still some players on that team angry with what happened last fall," Olney said on the Mike and Mike show on ESPN Radio this morning (video above). "The accusations, questions about who the mole was on that chicken and beer story. One loud conversation I heard about between two teammates on that team. They've got to get that settled. This isn't necessarily about Bobby Valentine, this is about players turning the page and moving forward."

He continued:

"It really tells you the depth of the anger that was felt after that story got out. ... there's a lot of questions among some Red Sox players about who was the guy that leaked that information out there and that has not been resolved."

Over the weekend, Olney wrote that the Sox "aren't singing 'Kumbaya' together, and won't be until their internal issues are fully resolved."

Do you think there are still issues within the Red Sox clubhouse? And if you do, do they have anything to do with the 0-3 start? Is this September all over again? Share your thoughts in the comments section.