Francona responds to Crawford dig

ESPN analyst Terry Francona on Friday responded to comments made by Red Sox left fielder Carl Crawford, who recently took issue with the former Red Sox manager for dropping him down in the batting order early last season.

"I think our revisionist history is probably a little bit different," Francona told ESPN Radio's Ryen Russillo (video above) on Friday. "As a manager you walk a fine line when you're moving guys in the lineup because you don't want to hurt confidence. At the same time you have to try to look at the smaller picture and the big picture. If you think back, we had (Jacoby) Ellsbury, (Dustin) Pedroia, (Kevin) Youkilis, (Adrian) Gonzalez and (David) Ortiz. For the better part of the year, we were on pace to break every offensive record in the game.

"My responsibility is to make Carl understand that and I actually thought I did that. When you hear comments made like that, it means I didn't do my job good enough and I feel bad about that."