Tentative '13 schedule: Sox open in Bronx

BOSTON -- The Red Sox will open the 2013 season against the New York Yankees and play the National League's Colorado Rockies in the last week of the season, according to a draft of the schedule disseminated to the 30 major league clubs.

Because it is a draft and subject to the approval of the clubs and the players' union, some minor revisions are likely, so MLB isn't expected to announce the finalized schedule until the beginning of September at the earliest.

But according to the draft, the Sox will open the season in Yankee Stadium with a three-game set April 2-4, followed by three games in Toronto against the Blue Jays. The home opener is scheduled to be April 8 against the Baltimore Orioles, who are in for three games, followed by four with the Tampa Bay Rays.

The majority of Boston's interleague games will be played against teams in the National League West. The Rockies (June 25-26), the San Diego Padres (July 2-4) and the Arizona Diamondbacks (Aug. 1-4) are scheduled to visit Fenway. The Sox have trips scheduled to San Francisco (Aug. 19-21) and to Los Angeles' Dodger Stadium (Aug. 23-25), as well as two-game set in Denver against the Rockies (Sept. 24-25). The Sox also have a home-and-home set scheduled against the Phillies, with two games in Boston (May 27-28), followed by two games in Philadelphia (May 29-30).

The 2013 season will be the Houston Astros' first in the AL. The Astros are scheduled to visit Boston for the first time next season April 25-28, with the Sox headed to Houston Aug. 5-7.

The Sox will go to Yankee Stadium a second time (May 31-June 2) before the Yankees make their first visit to Boston. The Yanks don't make their first visit until after the All-Star break (July 19-21), with subsequent trips scheduled Aug. 16-18 and Sept. 13-15. The Sox will be in New York a third time from Sept. 5-8.

Again, this schedule is subject to revision.