Ex-tailback Bobby V. talked to Silas Redd's family

BOSTON -- In the midst of everything else, Bobby Valentine had time to get involved in prize running back Silas Redd’s decision to transfer from Penn State to USC.

At least that’s what Valentine said in his weekly appearance on Michael Kay’s radio show on ESPN New York. Redd was a high school star in Stamford, Conn., where Valentine was once a highly recruited running back by USC, who wanted him to succeed O.J. Simpson. Valentine told Kay he’d met Redd a couple of times and knew his father, Silas Redd Sr., whom Valentine said was a former Marine and was Stamford’s policeman of the year when Valentine was the town’s public safety director.

“I did communicate with the family during the last couple of weeks,’’ Valentine said. “I think he made a terrific decision.’’

Valentine said had he been placed in the same position, he would have done the same thing, that Redd had to do what was best for him.

Kay then asked Valentine if it was true that he was as good as Simpson. “O.J. was a little taller,’’ he said. “I might have been almost as good as Silas Redd…I’m proud to be mentioned in his company.’’