Video: Schilling weighs in on the Big Deal

ESPN baseball analyst and former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling gave his take on the Red Sox-Dodgers blockbuster on Saturday.

What does it mean for the Sox going forward?

"No idea. They gave away an MVP (in Adrian Gonzalez),” Schilling said on SportsCenter (video above). “They gave away two guys (Josh Beckett and Carl Crawford) who they felt like they needed to move on without. They took more of what the Dodgers would give them rather than what they wanted out of this deal. ... I don't know where they're going to go with this or how they're going to go forward."

Biggest winner in the deal?

"Josh Beckett. In a landslide,” Schill said. “He's reborn now. He's going back to the National League, which is in many ways an easier league to pitch in, and I think he sheds all of the baggage that was on him in Boston."

What does it mean for Bobby Valentine’s future in Boston?

"If they want it, this gives Larry Lucchino and the baseball people a reason to bring him back next year,” Schilling said, “a way to say 'Hey listen, it wasn’t fair, we gave him kind of a dirty slate to start with. We've cleaned the slate.’ I think they have an opportunity to bring him back.”

At the same time, Schilling says, there is a chance for the Sox to do something more dramatic at manager, to follow in the footsteps of the Cardinals and White Sox, who each hired former players with no managerial experience to lead their teams this season.

“(The Red Sox) could bring in a Jason Varitek in now, very well respected in that clubhouse. Some players have proven you don't have to be an X's and O's guy to manage big league baseball players and I think he could be one of those guys."