Olney: 'Tremendous' trade for Sox

ESPN MLB Insider Buster Olney was on “Mike & Mike” Monday morning and talked about the positive reaction he’s heard from around baseball to the Red Sox’s side of this weekend’s huge trade with the Dodgers. Here are some of the highlights (click here to listen to more from Buster or watch the video above):

-- Reached out to a bunch of executives who were not involved and they overwhelming believe that the Red Sox made a “tremendous" trade. Shedding all the money and getting two good prospects back from the Dodgers.

-- One executive emailed Olney and said that Ben Cherington should get consideration for executive of the year for making the trade.

-- Some confusion from rival executives about why the Dodgers would take all the money and give up prospects.

-- The Red Sox still have to follow up and continue with this plan that they have now. The ownership has shown that they’ll go out and react to fan and media criticism and make big moves. It feels good now to have this blueprint going forward, but will ownership follow it.