Law not a fan of Victorino deal; are you?

ESPN MLB Insider Keith Law wrote a brief piece with his analysis of the Red Sox's 3-year, $39 million deal with free-agent outfielder Shane Victorino (Insiders can read it HERE). Here's an excerpt:

Victorino is a platoon outfielder at this point, and paying him $13 million a year, even with the rapid salary escalation we're seeing this offseason, is mad as pants. His bat speed was noticeably slower in 2012, especially later in the season, and despite being a switch-hitter, he doesn't really hit right-handed pitching:

Against RHP

2012: .230/.295/.332

2011: .271/.333/.456

2010: .235/.306/.386

That's a .244/.311/.390 composite line over 1,388 plate appearances, and at age 32 he's extremely unlikely to suddenly learn how to hit from the left side. Victorino delivers the bulk of his value in the 150 or so plate appearances he gets against left-handed pitching each year and should be platooned against most right-handers, which means the Red Sox just paid $13 million a year for the equivalent of a fourth outfielder.

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