Buchholz scheduled to throw today

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Clay Buchholz, who was set back a few days when he tweaked a hamstring in fielding drills last week, is scheduled Monday morning to throw his first bullpen since camp opened.

The outfielders had their mental skills meeting Monday morning. Bob Tewksbury, who is conducting the classes, reminded me that he is not a psychologist. He holds his master’s degree in sports psychology, but does not yet have his doctorate. He said the proper way to refer to him is “mental skills coach.’’

Me, I still call him the former Cardinals pitcher who in 1992 had a 16-5 record, his .762 winning percentage the best in the NL, posted a 2.16 ERA and averaged a minuscule 0.8 walks per 9 innings (20 walks in 233 innings), the best walks per nine ratio in the majors. He had the same baseball-best ratio the next season, too.

Tewksbury finished third in the Cy Young Award voting that season behind two Braves, winner Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine.

Workouts this morning are scheduled to focus on pickoffs and rundowns and team defense.