Hanrahan injury worse than expected?

BOSTON -- The inside of his right elbow bruised and badly discolored, Red Sox reliever Joel Hanrahan expressed concern Wednesday night that he may have sustained an injury more serious than originally thought.

Hanrahan said he plans to visit noted orthopedist Dr. James Andrews on Friday, and that the results of the tests administered to him here after he came out of Monday night's game have already been sent to Andrews and may also be sent to orthopedist David Altchek, the Mets' team physician with whom the Sox medical staff already has consulted.

The concern is that the flexor-pronator strain of his forearm could also involve damage to the ulnar collateral ligament, which in a worst-case scenario could mean Tommy John reconstructive surgery.

The initial magnetic resonance imaging exam (MRI) appeared to indicate the ligament had not sustained structural damage.

"I think in the long run we dodged a bullet," Hanrahan said at the time.

Now he's concerned that more is involved. When he had a similar injury with the Pirates in spring training 2010, he did not have the kind of bruising in the elbow that he has now.

"Doesn't look good," he said. "Leave it up to the experts, see what they say, let them put their heads together and go from there.

"If it is bad, I'm still 31, my personal setup will be all right," he said. "On the [bad] side, I've been here and I haven't been able to do anything I want to, to show anybody who I really am. So that part will stink if something bad happens."

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