Kurkjian: Sox get a competitor in Peavy

ESPN baseball analyst Tim Kurkjian was on “SportsCenter” this morning to talk about Boston’s acquisition of starter Jake Peavy. Here’s a partial transcript of his comments:

“[The Red Sox] are in trouble because they are in the same division as the Rays and the Rays are really good and they’re only going to get better from here.

“They had to add a piece. [Peavy] was clearly the best pitcher on the market. A scout told me the other day he saw him pitch in his last start. He is still a No. 2 starter on a contending team that has championship aspirations. He was 92-94 [mph] the other night, he usually sits at about 91-92.

“Plus, he’s the most competitive guy on the face of the earth. You saw him yelling at himself, he does this all the time. Adam Dunn told me it usually takes 6 pitches into the game before he starts screaming at himself. That’s how intense he is, that’s what a great competitor he is. And, he’s totally fearless, so the thought of moving into to Boston, pitching in the pennant race against all these really good team is going to spook him, it’s not going to spook him.

“They had to do this if they were going to make the playoff and they gave up a lot in Jose Iglesias, but it was something they had to do.”