Farrell remains troubled by replay system

NEW YORK -- A day after umpires didn’t reverse their call on a play at second base in which Dean Anna of the Yankees did not keep his foot on the bag while Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogaerts was applying the tag, even though TV replays clearly showed that to be case, manager John Farrell remained perturbed about MLB’s reviewing system.

MLB spokesman Michael Teevan said Saturday night that for the umpires reviewing the call in the league's central replay booth, "the conclusive angle was not immediately available," even though networks televising the game showed Anna lifting his foot off the bag after his eighth-inning double. Farrell said the club saw the replays showing he was out, including one still photo of a screen grab.

“I have not heard directly [from MLB] but I’ve seen the statement that they released,’’ Farrell said. “It’s unfortunate. At field level, you’ve got two points. One, in which our replay was conclusive that he was off the bag, and the other was the ‘safe’ call. In between, there’s a lot of questions that come up. It really challenges the validity of the process that’s being used.’’

Farrell said that it was “a great question” why MLB did not have the feed the networks had.

“I don’t have the answer why it was not determined at that time,’’ Farrell said, “or the reason they didn’t see it or didn’t have it. That’s what leaves you scratching your head.’’