Law: Expected greater return for Peavy

ESPN's Keith Law says the Red Sox got a decent return from the Giants for Jake Peavy, but thought they would have gotten more. Here's part of his analysis (CLICK HERE for the full post -- Insider content):

The Red Sox get lefty Edwin Escobar, a low-ceiling starter prospect who just appeared in the MLB Futures Game, and right-hander Heath Hembree, a major-league ready reliever who's had a tough time staying healthy. Escobar's ERA in Fresno is a bit misleading, in part the nature of pitching in the very hitter-friendly PCL, and in part just some tough luck on balls in play. ...

I'm a little surprised that the Red Sox didn't acquire either of the Giants' top two prospects, power righty Kyle Crick or catcher Andrew Susac, although Boston doesn't need any more catching depth between Christian Vazquez and Blake Swihart. I would also have preferred to take a shot on a more distant, low-minors arm with a higher ceiling, such as right-hander Keury Mella or lefty Luis Ysla, both in low-A Augusta, than on Escobar, whose ceiling seems very limited. It's much less of a return than I expected for Peavy, even though he's just a two-month rental, and a strong pickup for a Giants team that needed the help.