20 Questions: The Legend of Brock Holt

ESPNBoston.com is asking 20 questions to some of the new faces on the Red Sox. In this edition, utilityman Brock Holt discusses what the "Legend of Brock Holt" is all about, reveals which teammates bought him suits, and considers which of the seven positions he’s played this season was most challenging. --As told to Louise K. Cornetta

I don't really have a nickname but some people call me Brock Star. When I was in Pittsburgh and first got called up, someone had a T-shirt made that said "Party like a Brock Star." It kind of stuck. My buddy who I came up in the system with together, Tony Sanchez, and who still plays for the Pirates, made my twitter handle @brockstar4lyf for Brock Star for Life.

Jay Rogers, who is in the Marlins organization, and Tony Sanchez, whom I mentioned, are my best friends in baseball. They were both in my wedding.

John Lackey before he was traded, Mike Napoli and Dustin Pedroia are the ones who have shown me the ropes in the big leagues. Lackey was a good buddy who helped me out. He's a Texas boy as well. So he kind of takes all of us Texas boys under his wing. With Napoli and Pedroia, they are guys you want to hang around and be like.

I will keep the ball from my first homer in the new house my wife and I just bought. I'll find a nice spot on the mantel for it where I can look at it from time to time.

The minor league game I am most proud of is the Double-A All-Star Game where I hit a home run. It was my first year in Double-A and I hit a three-run homer and was MVP of the game. But I'd say my best minor league story is from last year in Pawtucket. We were trying to get to Louisville. We flew to Philly and our flight to Louisville was canceled. We sat in the airport for six to eight hours as they looked for another flight. They couldn't find one. So we flew to Charlotte instead and then got off the plane there and ran to another plane to take us to Louisville. The game was at 7 that night and we got to the stadium at 7. Louisville was nice enough to give us 30 minutes to put on our uniform before going out and playing the game. We lost 10-0.

The best part of playing in the major leagues is the competition. You get to play against the best every day. Every day you get to go out and compete with really good athletes.

My worst fear is being stuck in the middle of the ocean. Hopefully I never have to experience that. But being out in open waters where you can't see anything and you're out there by yourself would be kind of creepy.

My pet peeve is traffic. It's the worst. My wife will agree that as soon as I even sniff traffic, I get pretty flustered.

My must-have music in my playlist is Texas Country. Guys like Randy Rogers, Wade Bowen, and Reckless Kelly. Cody Johnson is my walk-up song. I like guys like that and have to have Texas Country to listen to.

I have more suits now because of my teammates. I've been fortunate enough to have guys around me who have bought me a few. Lackey bought me some last year. Pedroia bought me some this year. I hope to someday return the favor to some young kid.

Some of my favorites are ... My favorite sport to watch is college football. I grew up rooting for the Aggies of Texas A&M. A lot of my family went there. I grew up watching them. But I like to watch any good college football game. Favorite item I ever purchased since becoming a big-leaguer is probably going to be my new house, but I haven't seen it yet. My wife flew down to see it. I'd say other than that it's my Chevy Tahoe I bought a couple years ago. The Tahoe is the biggest purchase I've made, besides the house, and I still love it. My favorite dessert is fresh cookies right out of the oven. Chocolate chip cookies, you can't really beat that. I like the really big cookies. I think they're called Bazooki. You have that with a scoop of ice cream on top. It's good. My favorite sports movie is Rudy. It's an inspirational movie. As a kid, growing up I watched "Sandlot" a lot. So those two would be my favorite sports movies. My favorite season of the year is fall. I love the summer but we don't really have summer because we're busy playing.

I've played a lot of positions this season, everything but pitcher and catcher. I came up as an infielder. I still feel a little bit more comfortable in the infield, but I'm starting to like outfield more than I had imagined. Playing the outfield is something I wasn't used to. The first time I played outfield was left field in Detroit. I felt like I was on an island by myself. It was pretty big. Right field at Fenway is pretty big too, but I've played right field here multiple times now and I'm feeling more comfortable out there. Really, I'm just happy when I'm in the lineup and get the chance to play. I won't be lobbying to play pitcher or catcher, as I don't think there is an instance where anyone will want to see me do either. But if it comes up, it comes up, and if not my feelings won't be hurt if I don't get to play those two positions.

My hobby is I'm starting to get into fishing. This past spring training, I lived with Brandon Snyder. He got me hooked. We went bass fishing. Over the All-Star break, I went fishing with Napoli on one of the days. Fishing is one and the other thing I like to do is being around people I care about like family and friends. As long as I'm around good people, it's cool with me.

The chick flick my wife made me watch but I secretly liked was the "Twilight" movies with the vampires and werewolves. She made me watch those with her. I watched those and did secretly kind of enjoy them.

If I could be on any reality show it would be "Amazing Race." I think it would be fun to travel around.

The three best candy bars are Snickers, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and Reese's Nutrageous, which is a combination of them all with peanut butter, caramel, and some peanuts.

The best advice I ever received is from my grandpa, who always tells me the same thing. He says, "Don't strike at balls. Only strike at the strikes." We always joke about that but it was pretty good advice. Go up to the plate and swing at the ones you can hit. My dad always tells me how he talked to my grandpa and he will say not to swing at the balls because your percentages of getting a hit goes way down. It may be obvious advice, but it's kind of funny when he tells me that every time we talk.

My most unique fan encounter is when I saw a poster a fan had made. It said something like 'Brock's our hero at Fenway.' She drew me and I had a cape on like a super hero. She had taken it to the game, and the Red Sox and MLB had taken a picture of it and put it on Instagram. My wife went up to the Green Monster looking for her but couldn't find her. Then I did an appearance the other day and the lady brought the sign to give it to me. I'll probably hang it up in my house.

I have a chocolate lab named Tank. My wife liked the name. She kept insisting we call him Tank and I finally gave in. I don't think the dog even knows his name yet. I think it fits him pretty well, as he's getting pretty big.

I don't know how to explain what the "Legend of Brock Holt" is all about. I didn't even know there was one until people started saying it. I think people are kind of gravitating towards me because I play the game hard. I try to play the game right by going out there to help the team win every day. I think people like the way I play. I've played just about every position. I think people kind of like that as well.