Roundup: Napoli, Ortiz won't need surgery

BOSTON -- Red Sox first baseman Mike Napoli, who missed the final 10 games of the season with an array of injuries, will not need an operation to solve any of his ailments. At a number of points this season, Napoli missed time managing injuries to his finger, toe, knee and back -- the finger requiring a stint on the disabled list back in May.

While general manager Ben Cherington said the team believes Napoli should be able to recover with time, he didn’t rule out the possibility that further evaluation would be needed.

“We think all those will resolve naturally,” Cherington said. “He may get some treatment on some of them.”

Another issue Napoli has struggled with is sleep apnea, something Cherington said he’s dealt with for several years but has gotten worse with time. Napoli brought the issue to the team’s attention, prompting them to take advantage of the full offseason to further examine his sleep disorder.

“It’s affected him, so because we have a longer offseason we may look to work with him on some different ways to manage that going forward,” Cherington said. “We don’t know what that’s going to mean yet but just so you guys know it’s something we're working with him on.”

David Ortiz's wrist injury that required him to sit out the final five games of the season has already been treated, according to Cherington, and is expected to resolve itself without any concern.

Dustin Pedroia continues to recover from left-wrist surgery performed Sept. 11 and is still expected to enjoy a normal offseason back home in Arizona.

Shane Victorino has been rehabbing from his back surgery performed Aug. 5 and is “doing well,” according to Cherington. If the outfielder continues to remain on track without any significant setbacks, Cherington said that he should be active at some point during spring training -- including games played.

“I think our hope would be that he would be in games at some point in spring training but it’s too far away to know exactly when,” Cherington said.

• And finally, Allen Craig will not undergo any treatment regarding the Lisfranc injury to his left foot that he suffered last September while he was with the St. Louis Cardinals. The injury caused Craig to have a shortened offseason, something that played a large contributing factor in his down season at the plate (.215 batting average).

“We’ve had it examined, we don’t believe -- he doesn't believe -- it’s an issue,” Cherington said. “He’s just focused on having a good offseason. I think we’ve done everything we can to make sure that the foot is OK going forward. No further testing needed.”