John Farrell has hernia surgery Monday, back in dugout Tuesday

MIAMI -- Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell was moving rather gingerly Tuesday afternoon after undergoing hernia surgery in Detroit on Monday.

Farrell arrived at Marlins Park shortly before 5 p.m. ET, accompanied by Red Sox medical director Dr. Larry Ronan.

"This was something that came up, reared its head on Friday," Farrell said. "After some tests on Saturday, it was determined that it needed to be taken care of Monday morning. Overnight in the hospital, I come down here.

"I won't win a sprint race right now, I'll tell you that, but we're here."

Farrell said he believes he injured himself tossing his equipment bag Thursday night in New York.

"Any kind of rotational burst or movement is what typically causes it," he said. "Seems to be the culprit, late Thursday night."