David Dombrowski reiterates John Farrell's health takes precedence

NEW YORK -- David Dombrowski said Friday he has spoken with John Farrell several times, most recently on Thursday, when he said they chatted for a half hour on the phone. But Boston’s president of baseball operations is maintaining the same posture he adopted last week regarding the manager’s future, saying Farrell needs to focus on his health.

Farrell is currently in the midst of a three-week cycle of chemotherapy after being diagnosed with Burkitt’s lymphoma, a form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

“I’m impressed with John, I like John,’’ Dombrowski said. “For now, he has to take care of his health.’’

Dombrowski said he has spent considerable time meeting with current staff personnel, prioritizing that, he said, over searching for a new general manager. “It’s really important to get to know people and find out their responsibilities.’’

Dombrowski gave a strong endorsement to the team’s current player development, amateur scouting and international staffs.

“Those operations run well,’’ he said. “Leaving those guys in charge is easy. That’s why I needed to meet with those guys, to let them know that I don’t plan on making any changes.’’

Dombrowski said he plans to begin a week-long series of meetings on Monday with the team’s pro scouts.