Recapping Gordon Edes' 6 Questions series

Perhaps the biggest question of the offseason for the Red Sox is what they will do about Adrian Beltre, David Ortiz and Victor Martinez, all of whom might not be back in Boston next season. US Presswire

Just because there’s not much going on with the Red Sox right now doesn’t mean there’s nothing to talk about. Free-agency begins 15 days after the World Series, and with it a key time for the Red Sox as they make critical decisions about building their 2011 roster.

As Theo Epstein and his fellow executives gather on Yawkey Way to determine the direction of this team going forward, these are the six biggest questions they'll be looking for answers to:

1. Will Beltre be back in Boston?: Just how far will the Red Sox be willing to go to bring Adrian Beltre back? Another Adrian -- Gonzalez -- could impact the answer.

2. What should the Red Sox do about Ortiz?: Will David Ortiz be back with the Red Sox? It’s hard to imagine the team without him, but it’s a possibility. Club sources have indicated they intend to pick up his $12.5 million option for 2011, but Big Papi believes he deserves a multiyear extension.

3. Martinez: Yea or nay, and if nay who catches?: Should the Red Sox bring back Victor Martinez -- who's likely to require a long-term contract at a steep price? If not, what happens at catcher? Have we seen the last of Jason Varitek in a Red Sox uniform?

4. How does the outfield line up in 2011?: Despite great efforts from unexpected sources this season, the Red Sox need more from their outfield in 2011. Will they look to free agency? Jayson Werth and Carl Crawford are the big names to watch here.

5. How do the Red Sox improve the bullpen?: Epstein has said fixing the bullpen will be an offseason priority. So where should he begin? And will Jonathan Papelbon be the Red Sox closer next season?

6. Who plays shortstop next season?: Red Sox shortstop Marco Scutaro could face stiff competition next season from resurgent utility man Jed Lowrie. Prospect Jose Iglesias, the shortstop of the future, is probably not ready to contribute on the major league level.

As part of Gordon Edes’ six-part series, we asked you to weigh in on what you’d do to solve each of these dilemmas and to make predictions for what you think the Red Sox will do. Cast your votes here.