'Glee' stars show their Sox

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- So how is it that Bronx-born Lea Michele, star of the hit TV show "Glee," tweeted a photo in which she and another "Glee" star, Dianna Agron, were styling in Red Sox caps (see photo on right)?

Lea MicheleLinda Pizzuti, the wife of Red Sox owner John W. Henry, retweeted the photo, and shared the story with a baseball reporter/"Glee" fan, even if he doesn't exactly fit the audience demographic.

"The producer of 'Glee,' Brad Falchek, is a passionate and very knowledgeable Red Sox fan,'' Pizzuti wrote in an e-mail. "We met him at Fenway last season, when he very generously donated a 'Glee' auction package to the Red Sox Foundation.

"John and I are in L.A. with Tom [Werner, the Sox chairman], and visited Brad on location of 'Glee,' where they are filming for the upcoming Regionals competition. We brought him some Red Sox gear as a thank you, including hats for the cast. Lea tweeted a photo of herself and Diana in the Red Sox hats.''

Just in case someone might get the wrong idea, Michele tweeted this message with the photo.

"But don't let the hat fool you though...I'm a Yankee fan all the way!!!!!!!"