Blitz not likely to be big part of plan

During his Tuesday conference call, Patriots defensive coordinator Dean Pees was asked if the same type of blitz-type pressure the team used against the Jets could possibly work against the Saints.

Pees made the point that he hasn't seen a lot of teams pressure the Saints, and part of that is because Drew Brees is "a very, very smart and intelligent quarterback who knows where to go with the ball." Another factor is that the Saints generally keep defenses off balance with various formations and personnel groupings.

With this in mind, the question was asked to the ESPN Stats & Information group: How much have the Saints been blitzed compared to other teams?

The answer: No team has been blitzed less.

The Saints have faced a blitz (five or more rushers) on 23.9 percent of their pass plays, the lowest mark in the league, according to ESPN Stats & Information tracking.

The league average is 35.2 percent.

By comparison, the Patriots have faced a blitz on 35.8 percent of their pass plays this season.

So for those curious how the Patriots might attack the high-flying Saints offense Monday night, signs point to the emphasis being somewhere other than the blitz.