Do Pats have obligation to help others?

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Do the Patriots have an obligation to play all-out Sunday with other teams' playoff hopes in mind?

It is a question that came up today at Gillette Stadium, on the same day that Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley predicted that the Patriots and Bengals will lay down so Pittsburgh doesn't qualify for the playoffs.

Guard Logan Mankins was asked his thoughts on the topic.

"I don't think we owe [other teams] anything. We put ourselves in this position and that was by winning games throughout the year," he said. "If they didn't want to have to count on us to win games, they shouldn't have lost games. I think we were in the same position last year, where we needed a team to lose, and that was no one's fault but our own. Whenever you are counting on other teams to win for you, you are in a bad situation."