No surgery for Brady this offseason

BOSTON -- Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said Monday he will have a surgery-free offseason after a 2009 campaign in which he played through right shoulder, right ring finger and rib injuries.

"I'm excited I don't have to have surgery this offseason," Brady said at a charity appearance in which he presented a $30,000 check to Boston Centers For Youth and Families through Smartwater. "I remember a year ago at this time there were all these concerns on whether I was going to play this year. I was never concerned about that. It's nice to be in an offseason when I really feel like I can get started right away."

A few other nuggets from Brady:

* On the upcoming Super Bowl between the Colts and Saints, Brady predicted a great game. Lamenting the fact that the Patriots aren't playing in the game, Brady joked, "Can they both lose? Is that possible?"

* Asked about entering the final year of his contract, Brady said he doesn't really like to talk about those issues. "We're way overpaid as it is," he said. "That's not really a concern."

* Brady is serving as an assistant representative for the players' union and touched on the progress between owners and players as they work on a new collective bargaining agreement. "I think we're a long way away from the way it sounds."