More on Meriweather & '07 draft

Earlier this week, the microscope was focused on the 2007 NFL draft and the Patriots' selection of safety Brandon Meriweather (24th overall). The premise of the blog post was that while Meriweather hasn't been overwhelming, he's been solid compared to his peers in the draft.

ESPN.com's Len Pasquarelli now looks at the same issue from a different angle.

Pasquarelli writes that No. 1 overall draft choice JaMarcus Russell, who was cut by the Raiders last week, isn't the only 2007 first-round pick to struggle. He lists some of the other players from '07 who haven't met first-round expectations.

The thought today is to take the topic one step further.

Those most critical of the Patriots' '07 draft often note that the team had picks in the fourth round, fifth round, sixth round (four) and seventh round (two), all of which did not pan out. The team obviously did well to acquire receiver Wes Welker (2nd and 7th round draft choices) and Randy Moss (4th round draft choice), but did not produce big-time results in terms of drafting and developing 2007 prospects.

Similar to the first round, however, there aren't many keepers from the back end of the 2007 draft.

One factor that is important to consider is that not all players will fit every system, but here are some players I came up with that have stuck on rosters of the teams that drafted them and made some form of positive contributions from the end of round 4 to Mr. Irrelevant (the Patriots didn't have a third-round pick):

136. LB Clint Session (Colts, fourth round)

137. RB/FB LeRon McClain (Ravens, fourth round)

140. CB Brandon McDonald (Browns, fifth round)

142. WR Steve Breaston (Cardinals, fifth round)

153. TE Kevin Boss (Giants, fifth round)

162. TE Brent Celek (Eagles, fifth round)

168. CB Corey Graham (Bears, fifth round)

170. CB William Gay (Steelers, fifth round)

172. WR Legedu Naane (Chargers, fifth round)

192. LB Desmond Bishop (Packers, sixth round)

195. FB Deon Anderson (Cowboys, sixth round)

204. DE Jacob Ford (Titans, sixth round)

218. LB Zac Diles (Texans, seventh round)

224. S Michael Johnson (Giants, seventh round)

225. P Brandon Fields (Dolphins, seventh round)

240. LB Brandon Siler (Chargers, seventh round)

242. DE Kenyunta Dawson (Colts, seventh round)

244. RB/FB Jason Snelling (Falcons, seventh round)

250. RB Ahmad Bradshaw (Giants, seventh round)

FINAL ANALYSIS: There are two thoughts that come to mind: 1) The overall quality of the 2007 draft clearly wasn't strong; 2) At the same time, it doesn't seem unreasonable to expect that the Patriots could have hit on one of their final eight selections from the end of the fourth round to Mr. Irrelevant.