Brady: Finger hit Saints helmet

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was a guest on sports radio 850 WEEI as part of weekly "Patriots Monday" programming, and he was asked why his index and middle finger on his right throwing hand were taped together at times over the weekend.

"I hit a helmet in the game," Brady told the Dennis & Callahan Show. "It's nothing. It's one of those things that happens."

Brady practiced Sunday afternoon without tape over the fingers. He doesn't appear affected and is making all throws.

Brady also touched on playing golf with owner Robert Kraft earlier this month.

"He and I haven't had many chances to talk over the last six or seven months. He asked me to come down to play, and I wasn't doing much, my wife was out of town," Brady said. "I haven't had a chance to play much golf either, so I figured I'd take him up on it."

Brady was then asked if his relationship with Kraft is always as it has been.

"Yeah, of course," he said. "We've been through a lot. It's been a great relationship since I've been here, with myself and the team and the organization. I don't want anything to ever get in the way of that. You have to be able to seperate what a good part of a relationship is, and obviously the parts of the relationship you'd rather not deal with. But you have to deal with them."

Brady seemed to be referring to the business side of the game.

He continued the thought, saying: "Whether that's with Coach Belichick -- he's my coach. Obviously he has a lot of roles within the organization, but when he's coaching football, he's my coach. That's the level of respect that I have for him. Mr. Kraft, Jonathan [Kraft] and his family, they've done everything they could to make this organization the best one in the league. The way they treat us, with the stadium, with our practice facility, the way they handle our travel and food, we're so well taken care of. It's a great place to play and obviously I hope I'm here for a long time. We'll see how that goes."