The best of Angel Garcia

LAS VEGAS -- Angel Garcia brings plenty of wisdom and passion as the trainer and father of unbeaten junior welterweight champion Danny Garcia.

But to the boxing world, he has become known for bringing something else: hilarious, nonsensical, often offensive and always crazy sound bites during the build-up to each of his son's fights. He has threatened others to fight at news conferences and continually worn his heart on his sleeve, all in the name of taking the pressure off his son.

Just in case you're wondering whether he has appreciated the many media members and fans who haven't given his son much of a chance in Saturday’s co-main event against red-hot, Argentine slugger Lucas Matthysse ... um, he hasn't. In fact, he has been so animated in interviews leading up to Thursday's final news conference that many were expecting fireworks of some kind from the Philadelphia trainer.

Angel Garcia didn't disappoint.

And while his nearly 9-minute rant against Matthysse, Danny Garcia's doubters and even some media members in attendance didn't produce (luckily) any physical fireworks, his rant still solicited plenty of laughs and shake-your-head moments.

While his comments didn't appear to get under the skin of the stoic Matthysse, who stared at Angel Garcia throughout, never changing his facial expression enough to do more than smile once or twice, there was certainly an epic feel to his comedic routine.

Here are the top 10 moments from Angel Garcia's passionate speech:

10. American made

"I'm going to keep it simple and clean because Saturday night, Sept. 14, everyone want to be 'Argentino Valentino.' Everybody wants the Argentine flag. But they forget where they live at: U-S-A. Danny is an American fighter. He has a Latino background, Puerto Rican. But I'm born in America. He’s Latin American, but still people don't give Americans no props. The same country who send away the welfare check to you. When the U.S. government send you a check, you sign it, don't you? Then you be an American. Me, too. Then you want to be an American! Me, too!"

9. "This ain't humble"

(Garcia looks at Matthysse.) "You come up here and be humble all you want. You come up here and thank me all you want. This ain't humble. This is a brutal sport. I'm not going to be humble. You come up here thinking I’m going to lovey-dovey you. I ain't going to lovey-dovey you. You ain't give me nothing. Danny earned his. He had to fight for his. Ain't no one going to give him nothing. I always taught him that when he was a kid: No one ain't never going to give you nothing! Ok? I told him ain't nothing ever going to fall from the sky. You have to fight for you. Danny was born to fight. That's what he does! He fights!"

8. No reason to run

"Danny wasn't pampered in this game. Listen, when the phone rang and they gave me the name [of Matthysse,] we could have ran. Gone. Adios, amigo. [Matthysse] would have been nothing. He wouldn't have been standing here. But you know what I say? I want the best at 140. If he's called the best. Because, to me, the best 140 is "Swift" Garcia, right here. The champ of the world. Still, Saturday night it’s going to be the same thing as 26 other times: Undefeated."

7. Superhero worship

"Listen, if you look at and you know boxing, and you look back at Mike Dallas, who took [the fight against Matthysse] on late notice -- not putting the man down. The man was probably needing for money. We don't know the man's life. ... But [Matthysse] knocked him out and everyone was like, 'Superman! Oh! Superman arrived. He knocked Mike Dallas out. He knocked [Lamont] Peterson out. Oh sh--, Aquaman is back!' That’s not going to happen with the champ of the world if he's thinking that."

6. Can't fool me

"This was destiny, it was meant to be. Danny was born to fight. This was a dream 25 years ago. If you think this opponent [Matthysse] -- and that's what he is. Listen, they trying to put under the cover, trying to put icing on the cake, like [Devon] Alexander didn't beat him and Zab [Judah] didn't beat him. I made [Judah] come back in shape. My big mouth made Zab come back 100 percent in shape. Ten years! I brought 10 years out of Zab. Made him come back in shape like back when he first won his world title. He fought Danny on his A-game! If [Judah] would have fought [Matthysse] like that, he would have destroyed him."

5. Bum fights

(Garcia's rant was interrupted by members of the crowd who began to heckle him in Spanish.) "You come up here and do it! You see me? Fifty years old. Give me $1 million dollars, Richard [Schaefer.] I'll fight any old bum in here. Like me. Any old bum. Any old bum like this bum right here. [He points to Matthysse.] Even Bernard Hopkins -- you're on the wrong side. [Huge laughter from the crowd.] Listen this ain't funny, man. This is the real thing right here. I ain't come here to intimidate nobody. I come here to defend what's mine, and what's mine is the champion of the world. I'm worried about the champ of the world!"

4. Calling out the media

"Well here we go again: Everyone is disrespecting the champion of the world. ... [The media] still wants interviews. You ain't getting no interviews! Respect the champ and you will get interviews. You talk about the champ: 'Danny know how to win. Danny know how to win.' No! Danny wins. He gets the W."

3. No backwashing

"Saturday night, I swear to you I will not be backwashing my words. Because If I am, I’ll cut my head off. Because blood is thicker than everything. Love? No one can beat love. And my heart is with God, and Danny's heart is with God. And these opponents come from overseas and think they are going to take what's ours. Well, I'm an immigrant, too. Everyone is an immigrant in this country. You are right. But my family shed some blood for this country, and that's what makes it more American. [People say,] 'Americans can't fight. Americans can't fight.' Yes they can fight! Opponents can’t fight!"

2. Fashion statement

"I'm the most underrated coach there is. [Danny is] the most underrated fighter there is. But we still got the zero. And the zero must not go. End of story. The zero must not go! [Garcia looks at Matthysse.] You could laugh all you want. You and your raggedy a-- sweat suit. You make a million dollars? How much you take home, $200,000, because they take it all from you? The same guys right next to you. Come on, man. You can't even afford a sweatsuit, you think you’re going to beat the champ of the world! Look, Danny Swift ain't even get hit. He's 25-0 and beautiful. I take care of the champ."

1.Know it all

"If you look at Danny’s record, everybody you know, he fought. Everybody [Matthysse] fought, you don't know. There might be only two or three. And two beat him, out of four. Come on, man, do the math. Vegas don't know nothing! You don’t know nothing! I know everything! [Laughter.] I know everything! His coach don't know s---. The fighter don't know s---. His manager don't know s---. I know everything! I know every day with God! Keep believing that dumb a--. ... [He pauses.] I don't want to curse. I want to keep it simple. You know what I mean? I want to be a gentleman today. I don't want to be a Valentino. I want to be a gentleman! Come on guys. Come on. You are the ones that do this crap. Disrespecting the champ!"