Marquez in talks for possible showdown with Cotto

Juan Manuel Marquez, 42, has begun training in order to gauge whether his body can handle a comeback in 2016. Chris Farina/Top Rank

MEXICO CITY -- Four-division titlist Juan Manuel Marquez revealed on Thursday he is already in talks to face the Puerto Rican icon Miguel Cotto in September or October of this year.

Top Rank promoter Bob Arum claims to still have a contract with Marquez, 42, and is awaiting the fighter's decision about a comeback before getting involved in talks to make the fight.

"Yes, [we have a contract] and when he comes back we'll talk with Fernando Beltran [of Zanfer Promotions] and agree to fights with him," Arum said. "I don't want to put pressure on [Marquez] to return, but if he wants to come back we'll cooperate with him on future fights."

Marquez also spoke of the possibility of fighting in Mexico City in May and said that his comeback would be announced in mid-March, provided of course that he decides to return to the ring. He revealed that he has already begun training this week.

"I talked to Cotto's people and told them about my situation and what I want, and they are willing to cooperate," Marquez said. "It appears that Cotto wants to fight in June and I want to fight in May because two years of inactivity is a very important factor. I have to get on pace with a fight in May and then why not consider a fight with Cotto in September or October?"

Cotto's team has shown interest in a fight with Marquez, which could be at 147 pounds or at a catchweight of 150 pounds. Much of that, however, will depend on Marquez's ability to negotiate with Cotto promoter Roc Nation Sports.

On the prospect of fighting in Mexico City, Marquez said that the local government has expressed an interest, but first he will listen to what his body is telling him now that he is back in the gym.

"We're watching and waiting, the doctor [Miguel Angel Mancera] is interested and it's important," Marquez said. "I need to make a decision and a professional decision, I need to get to 100 percent. We don't have much time to decide. I trained yesterday. I'm sore, but my body is responding well, and if we fight in May, we can announce it in March."