Lopez brothers have fun with matchup

Robin Lopez, right, says he doesn't trash talk to his brother Brook, left. "I let my game do the talking," he says. AP Photo/Don Ryan

NEW YORK -- Robin Lopez said he and his twin brother Brook made plenty of side bets prior to their matchup on Monday night: "Who's going to score first? Who's gonna dunk on who? Who's gonna win?"

Robin Lopez, the Portland Trail Blazers center, wouldn't reveal what they're wagering. But it's abundantly clear he's the best friendly pregame trash-talker of the two.

Asked about Brook, the Brooklyn Nets center, winning consecutive Eastern Conference Player of the Week awards, Robin quipped, "I mean it's amazing how far a team can go with a crappy center. I guess he fooled the NBA for a couple weeks."

Robin Lopez wasn't done.

Asked about Brook growing out his hair, Robin, who sports a curly fro, replied, "Well, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Even though he obviously can't pull it off with the charisma and style that I can, but he can always dream, he can always aspire."

Robin Lopez doesn't talk any friendly trash on the court when facing Brook.

"I let my game do the talking," he said.

Robin Lopez was also asked about the Nets getting rid of their mascot, BrooklyKnight.

"I think he saw it coming," Robin Lopez replied.

Robin Lopez hadn't interacted with BrooklyKnight, but did say, "I'm sure he saw me in his nightmares."

While Robin Lopez was giving reporters some terrific sound bites, teammate Dorell Wright jumped in and said Robin had better dunk on Brook first.

"You got a

"I'm big time," replied Robin.