Is New York big enough for the Lopez twins?

Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE/Getty Images

Brook Lopez is officially back in Brooklyn for the next three seasons at a price tag of nearly $64 million.

And his brother Robin will play for the New York Knicks after signing a four-year, $54 million pact in free agency.

The Lopez brothers are now both playing in the same city for the first time since they were at Stanford.

Is Gotham big enough for the 7-foot, comic book-loving twins?

"As far as Robin's concerned, he'll always be [on] the back end of Batman," Brook cracked to reporters when asked about his brother at a Nets news conference for their free-agent signings. "That sums that up pretty much."

Both brothers like to have fun and are fully equipped with their own unique humor. They both love all things Disney and have a fascination with superheroes and villains. Brook, a huge sci-fi fan, was asked if he will let Robin live with him this coming season.

"I might allow him, it might be permissible for him to live in my residence," Brook said during a separate interview with YES Network. "I am thinking sublet maybe the basement or a little cupboard under the stairs a la Harry Potter. Something like that.

"We don't want him to get too comfortable," Brook deadpanned. "If we can keep the Knicks at a disadvantage in any way ... it might be keeping Robin at a cramped space where it does harm to his body."

Brook has called the metropolitan area home for his entire pro career since being drafted by New Jersey in 2008. He loves this area, and that was a factor in his re-signing with the Nets after averaging 17.2 points and 7.4 rebounds last season.

With both Lopez twins in the New York area, it seems only natural they should find a way to do a reality show together.

"I think we should do that," Brook said. "Bravo [network] maybe?"

The twins' playing in the same area again will certainly make things easier for Mama Lopez.

"I know my mom is thrilled right now," Brook said. "She will be out here all the time watching every Knicks and Nets game. It will be interesting."

Mike Mazzeo contributed to this report.