Committed to Nets, Thaddeus Young embracing Brooklyn, too

Thaddeus Young is in a New York state of mind after signing a four-year, $50 million contract. Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE/Getty Images

NEW YORK -- Thaddeus Young isn't just a Brooklyn Net, he's also a Brooklynite.

Young is believed to have become the first player in Brooklyn Nets' history to ever move to the borough when he and his family recently purchased a condo there.

Young signed a four-year, $50 million contract to remain with Brooklyn after being dealt to the Nets at last season's trade deadline.

"I'm one of those guys that definitely believes in longevity," Young told ESPN.com on Saturday while promoting his latest business venture, a mobile app called "Claim it!"

"I could've waited it out and played out the last year of my contract. But my wife [Shekinah] and kids, they love it here, so I would rather just get something worked out sooner than later, and I think the biggest thing was just getting my kids settled, because my son T.J. [age 5] is just starting school this year, so that was the main objective to just get him settled.

"My wife's a firm believer in wanting to be settled and stay in one place, and so once she got here, she already had friends that would come up from Philadelphia since I was there for seven years, so it was just a good opportunity."

Young could've lived anywhere -- New Jersey, Manhattan or Long Island -- but he and his wife ultimately decided that Brooklyn would be the best place for their family.

"It's a good environment," Young said. "We like to come down and walk on the piers and walk on the bridges and stuff like that. Plus, the practice facility is gonna be in Industrial City [in February] so that's gonna be probably 10-15 minutes away from here, and like I said, Barclays Center is right up the street.

"It's a good feeling to already be over here. I didn't wanna be the guy next year trying to scramble and trying to hurry up and get over here as opposed to everybody else. Everybody else is living in Jersey and they're cool going to the [East Rutherford] practice facility, but when it comes time to come over here and get back for games, that was the most brutal part for me [the commute was sometimes two hours from New Jersey to Brooklyn]. That was the brutal part for me going back and forth to the game, and game days are the most important days."

Young and his family already have begun the process of getting acclimated to their brand-new surroundings -- visiting several landmarks and eateries in the New York City area. Yes, they've already gotten pizza at Grimaldi's, and Young is eager to try Juliana's next door.

Does he feel like a Brooklynite just yet?

"I'm getting close," Young said, laughing. "A lot of people have already invited me to certain things that's going on. They're very, very welcoming. I think that's the biggest part, they always say, 'Welcome to the neighborhood,' and things like that. And I think that's one of biggest parts is the community has been so welcoming to me and my family, and we're enjoying it. We love it. It's been great thus far and hopefully it continues to be great."