Fred Jackson's stiff-arm seal Bills win

Fred Jackson sent Chris Conte to the ground with an overtime stiff-arm. Mike DiNovo/USA TODAY Sports

CHICAGO -- Sometimes the old ways are the best.

Just ask Fred Jackson, who laid a stiff-arm into Chicago Bears safety Chris Conte to cap a 38-yard run and seal the Buffalo Bills' 23-20 overtime victory Sunday.

Not bad for the NFL's oldest running back.

"I'm old but I can still play," said Jackson, 33, after the game.

That much was clear when Jackson broke free down the left side of the field about four minutes into overtime. The Bills had already driven into Bears territory and only needed a field goal to end the game, so with every step Jackson took, the Bears' chances of winning dwindled.

Jackson put some punctuation on the win by putting Conte on his back inside the 10-yard line.

"It's one of those things I pride myself on, is my ability to stiff-arm guys," Jackson said. "He came up high and I knew I would have an opportunity to do so. It worked out and we were able to get a win."

The veteran back was quiet before that point, rushing five times for 18 yards in regulation. But when the offense needed to deal a final blow to the Bears, Jackson delivered it.

"We knew we had an opportunity to go win the game," Jackson said. "They got me in position to be one-on-one with the safety and anytime that happens I know I've gotta make a play."