Kyle Orton deflects comparison to Manuel

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- Kyle Orton stood with his arms crossed and nearly expressionless in front of his locker for six minutes Wednesday, answering questions for the first time since being named the Buffalo Bills' starting quarterback Monday.

At one point, Orton was asked, "Why will you run the offense better than EJ [Manuel]?"

Orton wasn't going there.

"Not saying that I will," Orton responded. "I mean, that's a loaded question. That's a crap question."

Orton saw live action only twice last season, including a Week 17 start for the Dallas Cowboys, and was out of football this preseason as he reportedly considered retirement.

"I was trying to be a great father for my daughters at home," Orton said. "That was really what my mindset was."

Orton was all business when asked about how the locker room would receive the quarterback change.

"I guess you'd have to ask everybody else," he said. "I'm focused on doing my job and providing veteran leadership and executing my job."