Bills to wear all-blue uniforms vs. Packers

Earlier this week, we ran a Uni Watch column on NFL teams wearing mono-colored uniforms. The column included a list of the teams that had never "gone mono" in their current uniform sets, and that list included the Bills.

After this Sunday, that list will have to be revised.

The Bills have announced that they'll be wearing mono-blue for this Sunday's game against the Packers, pairing their royal blue jerseys with their matching blue pants. It will mark the first time these two uniform elements have been worn together. Up until now, the blue pants have only been paired with the team's white jerseys.

The team's announcement of this Sunday's uniform combination said "fans have been asking for" the mono-blue look for some time.

NFL teams are required to declare which jerseys they'll be wearing for each game prior to the start of the regular season, but no prior notification is required for pants, which allows for surprise announcements like this one.

The Bills routinely went mono-navy with their previous uniform set, which they wore from 2002 through 2010. The current set, which has elements that hearken back to the team's original uniform design, was introduced in 2011.